Cedar Consultancy Services


Heating is required in order to maintain the ideal climate in the greenhouse during colder periods, and to stimulate crop growth. Horti XS can design and install the perfect system to maximize returns from your heating system.A transmission calculation is used to establish how much heat is needed to create the ideal climate in your greenhouse.

Natural Storage Solutions

Natural Storage Solution Pvt. Ltd. has been engaged in providing turnkey solution for various type of post-harvest project within India and across The Globe. The company has more than two decades of experience and established itself globally as quality player in this field and relentlessly drives for better. We believe in total customer satisfaction and they are our strongest marketing team which provide us cutting edge over other supplier.

Impianti Selezione Frutta

FUTURA is a point of reference in the field of systems and machinery equipment for the processing of fruit and vegetables. FUTURA specializes in the design and sale of new and used systems and machineries for the packaging, sizing, sorting, weighing and palletizing of fruit and vegetables.


ARAVA is ISO 9001: 2015 Quality certified Manufacturing company specially focused on those looking for high quality unique products from Sri Lanka. Established in 2013 and at present it is having 3 fully fitted-out manufacturing locations in Sri Lankas giving employment opportunities over 250 people. Arava Coir manufacturing around 1,000 containers per annum with an annual revenue of USD 5 Mn at present.

Globalmach Industries

Globalmach Industries Ltd and its consolidated subsidiaries use their broad business networks, both within Malta and overseas, to conduct importing and exporting (including third country trading), as well as domestic business, encompassing a diverse range of business activities across wide-ranging fields of industrial equipments & plants and next generation business development.

Emka Incubators

Whether you are looking for our Top of the Range Tegg-range which includes the ultimate in cooling systems using Dry Hatch Technology with TEGGNOLOGIC27 Pat.®, CO2-steering, egg weight loss measurement, eggshell temperature control or just the basic incubator, that still achieves outstanding results, we pride ourselves knowing that your trust in us will be well-deserved.


Our finest product QTS Tray is excellent for seedling propagation in tray’s. Due to it’s extra fine structure it guarantees your employees and your potting machines a smooth filling without errors. You can use the product for ornamental plants and vegetables. The trace elements are of extraordinary quality produced for Compaqpeat exclusive and called “Microcomplex FE”.

GM Steel

At GM Steel Ltd. We specialize in providing a comprehensive range of equipment and services for abattoirs and processing plants of all sizes, worldwide. From consultancy and design through to fabrication and installation, each contract receives the focus and individual attention it demands.


OMEX develops and manufactures a complete range of high-performance liquid foliar fertilizers, each designed to promote the most efficient uptake of nutrients through crop leaves. These specialty liquid fertilizers are packed with nutrients at far higher concentrations the nutrition they need just when they need it.