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Trust is something earned through experience & excellent rapport. The best collaborations are built on TRUST. Cedar Consulting is a confluence of such a collaboration, which is carrying nearly four decades of rich experience in the field of Agriculture and Food Technology. The passion for sustainable agriculture is the soul of our marketing consultancy business.

At Cedar Consulting, we continually challenge ourselves with long-term business strategies to achieve food security and control food wastage in the region. We believe our business ethics and core values are the salient factors that have helped us to attract the world-renowned agricultural & food technology providers & esteemed clients.

We offer innovative Agriculture & Food Technology turnkey projects in the Middle East, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore and Timor. Our project proposals are highly trusted by clients and we are considered as the best solution providers to resolve their challenges and create value for their investments. As we are exclusively engaged with most of our principals at operational levels, we are always able to provide the best services.